Welcome to Texas Hair Restoration and Wellness Center.  Our corporate office is centrally located in the heart of Bellaire, Texas.  I started this company because I’d spent most of my life on quick-fix hair growth solutions, hair loss solutions, diets, cleanses and eating food I simply didn’t like just to maintain a certain dress size.  After many failed attempts, I quickly learned that by changing my basic styling habits, eating habits and the basic understanding of health as it related to hair growth was the only way in the long run, to sustain weight loss, healthy, glowing and growing hair. 

Through years of extensive training, research and thousands of satisfied clients later, we have created a multi-therapeutic approach to helping people who suffer from hair loss or slow hair growth problems.  At Texas hair restoration and wellness centers, our only goal is to ensure that our patients leave with a complete solution to their hair and wellness and not just another quick fix. 

​Our name may have changed but our dedication to providing the best of care and customer service has not.  We look forward to serving all of your beauty needs, from head to toe! 


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Leola Anifowoshe, Founder, Chief Trichologist
Texas Hair Restoration & Wellness Center