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I am a health food fanatic.  For various reasons but most importantly because I’ve experienced first hand both personally and professionally the benefits of these super foods.  Our flagship product Nzurivida 10 in 1 stress and energy tonic as well as most of Nzuri’s wellness products contain super fruits.  
What Are Superfoods Anyway?

Simply Put,  superfoods are foods which are absolutely jam packed with vitamins and minerals, more so than regular foods.
They’re also foods which have health benefits beyond their nutritional content.
Most of these extra add-on benefits come from various natural compounds found in plants and animals, called “phytonutrients”.
Some of these phytonutrients have special powers on their own (such as improving skin tone and eyesight), and some are “antioxidants”.
Antioxidants fight against free radicals (bad cells) in the body and are linked to prevention of many serious diseases, notably heart problems and cancers.

There is a huge amount of scientific research currently going on into phytonutrients and their effects on people, and some of it is showing extremely promising results…

Why Are Superfoods So Great?For one thing, they’re completely natural.
In fact, the more natural and organic they are, the more powerful and healthy they become!
For another thing, we’ve been eating some of these foods for 5,000 years or more.
Even that long ago, our ancient ancestors knew these foods were good for their health.
Unfortunately, a lot of what they learned so long ago has been lost over time, and only now are we starting to rediscover it.
Superfoods have been used in traditional medicines almost since time began, but now is science starting to catch up with what traditional culture has known all along.
Advances in technology mean we better understand the biological processes inside our own bodies, and how these foods impact those processes in a good way.
Medical and nutritional scientific research is proving that these superfoods are not just good for you, they’re GREAT for you.
They support and supplement your body to make it the best it can be, in every way.
And all this means one thing…

​It is now possible to carefully select your diet to get the best nutrition you’ve ever experienced.


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